1991 FORD Explorer "My Wave 2"

OwnerMy Wave
Participation19 events attended
Vehicle ColorNavy Blue / Tan
Vehicle Weight4,233


Engine4 Liter 6 cylinder
Transmission4 speed auto
Transmission TypeAutomatic
Transmission Gears4
Transfer Case4 LO/HI
Axle RatioStock
Front AxleDana 35
Rear AxleFord 8.8
Rear LockerTrueTrac


Front TrackbarStock
Rear TrackbarStock
Front Springs/LeafsDeaver
Rear Springs/LeafsStock Leafs - re-arched & leaf added
Front ShocksKYB Monomax
Rear ShocksKYB Monomax
Gross ClearanceUsually, but not always
Wheels15 x 8
Tire BrandB.F. Goodrich
Tire TypeA/T
Tire Size31 inches
Tire MiscBFG A/T KO2 - 31x10.50x15


Rock SlidersTacoma Rock Sliders custom welded to my Truck 8/21.
Transfer Case SkidYes


Winch Brandother guys
GPSI like maps
Air CompressorYes
Roof RackYes
LightsYes - high beams
Other ToolsShovel, BFH, duct tape


No Electrical information!

Recovery Gear

Snatch StrapsYes
D Shacklesyes
First AidYep
Fire ExtinguisherYep

Fun Fact

250,000 miles ... a Quarter million miles!  1st engine - 5th trans.  I've owned it for 22 years. 

My dad bought it new and it was his last daily driver.  I inherited it in '97 and it was my daily driver for 4 years.  Then it was my daughter's first car when she turned 16.  It was her daily driver for 3 years until she went to college.

So - my 29 year old Explorer has been the daily driver of 3 generations of my family.






Took it to Deaver Spring and got my rear leafs rebuilt 7/20.

Took it to O. C. Off Road - got rear end rebuilt with TruTrac installed + Plus new starter and new master cylinder 8/20.


Repainted completely 1/18. Original Navy Blue and Tan - left off Eddie Bauer stickers.

To-Do List

Original 4.0 litre 6 is in a state of arrested decay.  It is running fine now - just leaking oil etc.  I'll just keep addiing fluids  until it blows up.  Then I'll install a 5.0 litre 302 V8 crate motor and mate it with an F150 Trans.

Event Participation

Trail Rating 3

Red Cloud Road

January 15th 2022

Trail Rating 1

Santiago Peak

May 8th 2021

Trail Rating 1

Mojave Road

April 9th 2021

Trail Rating 1

Rodriquez Canyon

February 20th 2021

Trail Rating 1

Dos Cabezas - Cancelled

November 21st 2020

Trail Rating 1

Black Canyon

November 14th 2020

Trail Rating 2

Maple Springs

June 26th 2020

Trail Rating 1

Geezer Day at Giant Rock

March 18th 2020

Trail Rating 2

Summer Fun Run-Big Bear

August 2nd 2019

Trail Rating 2

Rattlesnake Canyon

March 30th 2019

Trail Rating 2

Bee Canyon

July 8th 2018

Trail Rating 1+

Main Divide Road

May 28th 2018

Trail Rating 1

Palomar Divide Rd.

May 12th 2018

Trail Rating 2+

Dove Springs

March 30th 2018

Trail Rating 1+

Coyote Canyon

March 18th 2018

Trail Rating 2+

Little Lake

February 23rd 2018