4 wheeler parade for sick kid

September 21st 2022
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I guess there is some kid that likes off-road rigs that has some serious health issues..... there is a meet up at Ralph's Talega San Clememte at 930 am this Saturday 9/24 Parade starts at 10am through the condo complex next door. Meet at Ralph's if you're interested.

-wrote this on my iPhone. 


See you there 

  • September 21st 2022
  • JYD

We will be there.

A friend sent that to me too! Will ask Richard if we can go

Will try to make it

  • September 23rd 2022
  • WE4BY

Someone was asking me for a reference for some powder coat work. Reached out to Maverick Powder Coat. They did John's fire hydrant, and my rear bumper. The owner Mark is arranging this for his neighbor's son's 13th birthday. He is apparently physically and mentally challenged, but loves trucks and off-road vehicles. Expecting about 100 vehicles. Probably going to annoy the heck out of the neighbors. Should be grand.

I tried to find some news about the event but couldn't find it anywhere on FB, Google, etc. Anyone know if they posted any news with pictures and video from the event, besides my own FB page?

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