Calendar of Events

The Calendar of Events is the hub of all club activities. Upcoming club runs, meetings, and gatherings can be found here, including all past events month-by-month.

Club members may join any event so long as their rig meets the run requirements and slots are available. The trail boss may limit the number of vehicles to ensure timely obstacle completion or campground restrictions.

Guests are able to join events as permitted by the trail boss. Contact us if you wish to join a restricted event.

Be sure to check back often as events are added and adjusted frequently due to changing weather and trail conditions.

October 2020

Trail Rating 3

Cleghorn - Cancelled

October 3rd 2020

  • Forum
  • Updated: October 05 2020

Off Road Expo - Cancelled

October 3rd 2020

Duration: 1.33 days

  • Forum
  • Updated: September 18 2020

Monthly Meeting

October 6th 2020

Trail Rating 2
  • Forum
  • Updated: October 21 2020

Death Valley, Hunters Mountain

October 16th 2020

Duration: 2.46 days

Trail Rating 1
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  • Updated: October 26 2020