Club Runs

These are the typical Runs we have each year. Each run provides a wealth of information of what it's all about; where its located, its difficulty, and its planned upcoming and past club events.

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thumbnailAnza Boreggo Moon Run2+Typically 1 day
thumbnailBee Canyon2Typically 9 hours
thumbnailBerdoo Canyon2Typically 1 day
thumbnailBlack (Inscription) Canyon2Typically 1 day
thumbnailBradshaw Trail2Typically 2 days
thumbnailBristlecone Forest 2+Typically 3 days
thumbnailBronco Peak/Corral Canyon4Typically 1 day
thumbnailBurro Schmidt Tunnel2+Typically 2 days
thumbnailButtercup2Typically 2 days
thumbnailCalcite Mine3Typically 1 day
thumbnailCalico (Doran, Odessa, Wall St)3+Typically 2 days
thumbnailCarrizo Creek (Vallecito Wash)1+Typically 1 day
thumbnailCerro Gordo2Typically 2 days
thumbnailChimney Peak1+Typically 2 days
thumbnailChiriaco Summit2Typically 1 day
thumbnailCima1+Typically 2 days
thumbnailCleghorn Ridge (2N47)3Typically 10 hours
thumbnailCougar Butte4+Typically 2 days
thumbnailDale Mining District3Typically 2 days
thumbnailDana Point Parade1Typically 8 hours
thumbnailDeadmans pass/Ryan loop1+Typically 2 days
thumbnailDevils Hole (3N34D) 3Typically 2 days
thumbnailDishpan Springs (3N34)4Typically 2 days
thumbnailDos Cabezas2Typically 1 day
thumbnailDove Springs2Typically 2 days
thumbnailDusy/Ershim4Typically 3 days
thumbnailEast Lanfair Valley Road1+Typically 2 days
thumbnailEcho Canyon2+Typically 2 days
thumbnailGlamis/Mammoth Wash1+Typically 2 days
thumbnailGolar Gulch2Typically 2 days
thumbnailGolar Wash3Typically 2 days
thumbnailGold Mountain (3N69)3Typically 8 hours
thumbnailGrapevine Canyon2Typically 1 day
thumbnailHeartbreak Ridge/Pontiac sluice (2N61Y)4Typically 1 day
thumbnailHill and Dale3Typically 3 days
thumbnailHolcomb Creek4Typically 1 day
thumbnailHorse Thief Flats (3N03A)3+Typically 2 days
thumbnailIbex Springs2Typically 2 days
thumbnailIdyllwild 1+Typically 1 day
thumbnailIvanpah Mountain Road1+Typically 2 days
thumbnailJasper Trail1+Typically 1 day
thumbnailJawbone Canyon2Typically 2 days
thumbnailJohn Bull (3N69 to 3N10)4Typically 10 hours
thumbnailJohnson Valley4Typically 13 hours
thumbnailKennedy Meadows1+Typically 2 days
thumbnailKingston Wilderness2Typically 2 days
thumbnailLast Chance Canyon3+Typically 1 day
thumbnailLippincott Rd and Race Track Rd2Typically 3 days
thumbnailLos Coyotes Indian Reservation4Typically 11 hours
thumbnailLower Coyote Canyon2+Typically 8 hours
thumbnailMain Divide Road1+Typically 7 hours
thumbnailMazourka Canyon (Papoose Flats)3Typically 2 days
thumbnailMiller Jeep Trail3Typically 9 hours
thumbnailMojave Road2Typically 1.92 days
thumbnailMonache Meadows1+Typically 3 days
thumbnailMottino Wash4Typically 10 hours
thumbnailNew York Mountain Road1+Typically 2 days
thumbnailOceano Dunes/Pismo Beach1+Typically 2 days
thumbnailOcotillo Wells SVRA1+Typically 9 hours
thumbnailOnyx Summit (2N61 to 2N70) 3Typically 9 hours
thumbnailOwlshead Mountain Rd (Owl Hole Springs)1+Typically 2 days
thumbnailPalen Pass1+Typically 2 days
thumbnailPalomar Divide Road1Typically 8 hours
thumbnailPilot Rock (2N17X) 4Typically 10 hours
thumbnailPleasant Canyon3Typically 3 days
thumbnailRainbow Basin1+Typically 2 days
thumbnailRasor Road OHVA2Typically 2 days
thumbnailRattlesnake Canyon2Typically 8 hours
thumbnailRed Mountain/Cuddyback2Typically 11 hours
thumbnailRedrock Canyon2Typically 2 days
thumbnailRodman Mountains Trail2Typically 1.33 days
thumbnailRodriquez/Oriflame/Chariot Canyons1Typically 7 hours
thumbnailRubicon4+Typically 3.38 days
thumbnailSaline Valley2Typically 3 days
thumbnailSan Gabriel Canyon OHV park3Typically 8 hours
thumbnailSherman Pass3Typically 2 days
thumbnailSmugglers Cove/Jacumba3Typically 11 hours
thumbnailSouthPark3Typically 2.44 days
thumbnailSpangler Hills OHV2+Typically 2.42 days
thumbnailStoddard Wells/Achey Breaky3+Typically 2.33 days
thumbnailStone Canyon4Typically 2.5 days
thumbnailSuperstition Mountain3Typically 2 days
thumbnailTenaja truck trail1+Typically 9 hours
thumbnailThe Squeeze/Diablo Drop Off4Typically 11 hours
thumbnailTip Top 2N902+Typically 8 hours
thumbnailTitus Canyon2Typically 5 hours
thumbnailTruckhaven 3+Typically 1 day
thumbnailUpper Coyote Canyon (Turkey Track)2+Typically 8 hours
thumbnailWhite Mountain (3N17) 4Typically 10 hours