Maintenance - Tie Rod Straightening

December 3rd 2010

by OK

  • You can straighten a tie rod by using the (Warn)shackle bracket which fits into your trailer hitch.
  • Undo the D-shackle, place the rod in the shackle and reinstall the D-shackle onto the sleeve.
  • You may have to use another rod (the rod that comes with your factory jack) to buffer against the rod end puncturing your gas tank.
  • This will depend on the placement of the gas tank in relation to your bumper and where the bend is in the rod (bascially, how far in or out you have to move the rod to center the bend on the D-shackle).
  • There is one more will need 2 vice-grips attached to the tie rod in an upward angle.
  • The vice grips should be centered on the tie rod at the point where they hit the bottom of the bumper.
  • This will prevent the tie rod from rotating left or right while you hop on it, to straighten it.
  • Make sure you straighten the rod as much as possible as it will bend easy if you don't!!!

Good luck, it worked for me, twice on the same trip to the Rubicon.