Modifications - Under Hood Light?

October 28th 2010

by Camperman

It's night time on the trail and there is something wrong under the hood. Someone is going to be holding a flashlight while trying to trouble shoot the issue.

Solution: Put in an under hood light.

Not a wimpy one like you see on sedans. You want a manly light like you see on Mack trucks. For about $10 you can buy a truckers utility light at most any auto parts stores. Bolt it to the underside of the hood using the fittings where the windshield stops attach.
See photo.

You will need to wire it to an auxiliary switch and relay. Where would you find that on the Jeep. Duh. Make some. Not one, some. You are going to need a switch panel for all the gadgets you eventually will put on the Jeep. Like driving lights, a spot light, a big back up light, and maybe a aerial traffic safety warning light. Go to Home Depot and buy a piece of aluminum angle iron, some toggle switches,and some small nuts/bolts to attach it. Drill some holes for the switches and the attachment bolts. The auto parts store will have the relays, fuse holders, and wire.

I won't confuse the issue with circuit diagrams or parts specifications. These details will vary with different lighting set ups. What I have is very basic and very cheap.

If you want to get fancy contact Jeepfrog at a club meeting. His set up is way fancier and cleaner than mine, but is somewhat pricier and harder to install.
See photo

Catch me at a club meeting if you want futher details and we'll go out to the parking lot and look at it. It's easy to see. There's plent of light. :)