Baja 1000 11/17 to 11/20

September 6th 2022
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11/17 to 11/20

I can't post a run on the site so i will try this: 

5 rigs Max, 4lo required, air down or stay home. rated 2

We meet at 7:30 am  McDonalds 4449 Camino De La Plaza, San Ysidro, CA 92173 11/17


Join me for the Baja 1000. If anyone signs up, we can run trails from Ensenada to camp Thursday, watch the race on Friday at camp. You can go home Saturday or run more trails with me down to San Quitin and go home Sunday.

Club Members only, no guests.


Meet in San Ysidro and cross the border. Follow me to and early lunch on Santo Tomas. After lunch, we hit the trails to Erendira and we take a pit stop at Coyote Calls for a cold drink and a snack. Depending on the time we can take pavement to camp or hit more dirt.

Friday: TBD depending on the racecourse and race schedule. Breakfast at camp


Breakfast at camp. Run down to San Quitin on dirt, beach, and dunes. Grab some oysters and lunch early dinner in town and then head back to camp


Head to the border at your own pace.  


Camp or get a room at the hostel. Food is available. Campers have full access to an outdoor grilling area, showers and a bathroom. Wifi is 5 bucks a day.

  1. Cook your own food
  2. Eat at the hostel Breakfast and Lunch only
  3. Go to town for tacos


Camping inside gate with shower and bathroom amenities $15 Per Person per day

Camping with full hostel amenities $20.00 per person per day

Hostel bunk room $25 Per Person per day

Private room up to 4 people $80

Family room with kitchenette $150 up to 7 people

Meals available upon request

We need to book rooms if you want them, they will sell out. 

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