Fishing and Surfing Trip to Baja

December 9th 2020
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  • December 9th 2020
  • RM

Fishing and Surfing Trip to Baja

December 4-6, 2020

Early that week, I called Pepe to wish him happy birthday and find out his plans. Turns out he was planning a trip to Baja to celebrate his and his son Noah birthdays with a fishing trip to Baja and I basically invite myself, everything was already paid for and my part will be getting groceries in Mexico. We also needed cash for tipping captain and cleaning fish crew, fare deal. Also, pick up Joe at Laguna Beach for our departure. He was having hard time to leave with fraudulent credit card activity and charges, somehow, he needs to solve by phone on our way south! It was quite funny to listen his explanations to operators. Mexican Visa is a step we skipped because there is no enforcement, not required for neighboring cities and short trips, so this one goes under that category. Before crossing border at TJ, I got Mexican insurance for the weekend, Pepe bough his online, then we did a quick stop in Ensenada. One of Pepe’s co-workers; Chuy who lives there, took us to a great taco place, and it was another level of tacos, we called them “Designer’s Tacos” from that point on.

La Patrona Antojeria, just in case you are wondering and want to give it a try. Calle segunda #1380 entre floresta y espinoza, Ensenada, B.C 22800 – 9-3 pm only I had “Tacos Dorados” corn tortillas filled with creamy mashed potatoes and shrimps plus vegetables decoration and “elote flan”, some sort of corn sweet cupcake. Delicious is not fair enough. Also, their cucumber lemonade was outstanding. After lunch, we continued our journey to Ejido Erendira.

New highway 1 was finally finished and it is a pleasure to drive it, passing lines and brand-new asphalt makes it so nice. We arrived at sunset. Castro’s fishing place was our choice, rustic affordable cabins that cover your basis, plus fishing boat rental. Cabins are not luxury at all, quite opposite, one bed, one bathroom with shower, 3x3 bunk beds, running water, stove, fridge, table, wifi, hot water in summertime, roof, and secure place to stay. Knowing what you get will avoid you got disappointed, do not expect a Four Seasons but you feel like home when interact with friendly people that service the place. No regrets, I’ll do it again any time. Going to Baja and not getting dusty is like never being there in first place. I had couple of Margaritas and I was ready for bed, tomorrow we need to be up early by the boat at 6:00am. I got my “Mr. go to bed at 8” nickname that day, but I do that every day.

We had our mandatory morning coffee, got dressed like going to snowboarding, but into a fish boat instead. I watched starting tractor inside a barn/shop and tractor pulls boat into water, quite unique set up the Castros’ had, but works great, Tractor makes U turn inside the water instead of regular reverse maneuver to launch boats we are used to see. They had 4x4 trucks, to bring boat up to shelter but also works as emergency brake for tractor going downhill. I will not recommend bringing toddlers or small kids to this place, front yard is a huge cliff, no fence, no warning, no nothing.

Sunrise captures us far away from coast, we want to have our hooks ready to offer calamari as breakfast to fish we plan to catch. Below our fish menu, we filled two ice chests in less than 5 hours and turned back to coast. Rock Fish, red ones, we caught a bunch of those. White Fish, our second place in volume Clown fish, a few Calico Bass, one Ling Cod, one, this one was intending to steal our fish and Captain hook it immediately with another tool, what an impressive move. Sheep’s head, one, we had that one for dinner, fish seasoned with garlic and other spices, put inside aluminum pocket, and grilled for half hour and it was our complement of vegetables Paella, signature Pepe’s dishes.

Best part of the whole deal is that a crew is waiting for you to clean fish, we tipped them well and left to dirt roads to find surfing spots. As soon as we hit dirt and I star driving Joe told me, that is exactly what you are here for, not surfing or fishing, you drive like a maniac and you enjoy it! He is about right! Punta Cabras is a well-recognized surfing spot, waves were huge, easily double the size of surfers, about 6 foot, means 12 foot, but they are bended somehow, 10 footers will be a good approach, I guess. None of my friends tried, we watched other people surf; took pictures and chat while watching sunset. On our way to camp Joe and I stopped in couple of places, but Pepe did not notice until he got to campground, so he returned to look for us with no luck, we already at camp waiting for him, we crossed somehow. Pepe will need 2m radio for trips like this one in near future.

I helped Noah starting the fire and Pepe had cooking covered, so I used WiFi to share pictures and videos same day. Then an assignment for us shows up, go to town, we need Tequila, beer, and fireworks. A liquor store in small town is like google, all answers are there, you just need to ask right question. We got alcoholic drinks covered and asked for fireworks, translate to Fuegos Aritificiales, translate to “Cohetes”, so we got an address and a guide to get our last item. Mr. Jesus who lives next to police station, as reference, provide us with an insane variety of fireworks and mission accomplish. We went down to beach and launch our “Cohetes” and all other explosive goodies we got, but they are totally illegal to get in the US.

Next morning same routine, coffee and get ready for departure. We stopped again at KM38 for the boys delight with good mid-size waves for surfing, say good bye to friends, Joe stayed at his friend trailer and we had lunch at Marea Alta, another Gucci place for Designer tacos. Rosarito - Ensenada, Las Gaviotas, 22704 Rosarito, B.C., México

Got to boarder line at 3pm, 1 hour in line and back to US at 4pm with no issues, what a record time, home by sunset again with SanO boobs as welcome home frame.

Roberto L. Miranda

Thank you, Roberto, for always reminding us how beautiful Earth is.  And boy, do you know how to have fun!

  • December 17th 2020
  • RM

sure I know LOL!

I'm glad you like it, hard to make people read stuff this times, so that is why I uploaded 4 small clips instead!



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