day run Cleghorn

Thursday, May 7th
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Guys this is not an official run, but I was thinking of running out to Cleghorn this Friday. This is merely an invite to see if anyone would like to come. I plan on going there myself to check it out would love to have company. That said with the current covid 19 I would like to have maybe 1 or 2 others 6' apart face mask and sanitizer. no need to get close we have radios. again just looking for a trail pal. 


Thanks BIll. 

I hope this wont cause any issues with the club I was just looking for a trai friend and thought i would try here. 

and to let everyone know I now have a posistion that is at night and can not make meetings. I miss them just an fyi. 


Thanks guys stay safe. 

Man, I just went last friday to cleghorn and 2n17x

That’s funny
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