Holcomb Creek Clean Up work days

May 21st 2011


> Hello all,
> I'm sending out this email to ask everyone on the AAT roster to come help us with our final push to get Holcomb Creek trail open again. We need an "all hands on deck" turn out over the next few weekends to get the final phase of work completed so we can get the FS gods out to the trail for approval. We need to fill in wash outs, fix head cuts, add a couple of gabion baskets, move some more rocks and do a general clean up of the trail. We are as close as we have ever been to getting the trail open again, so please, come out and help. 
> NOTE: _If you are limited in your ability to do heavy lifting or if you need to take frequent breaks that is no problem. There is a lot to do that doesn't require excessive physical output. There is no race, no need to prove how hard you work, just come out, do what you can, and with all of us pitching in, we will be done in no time._ 
> Make sure when you come up to bring PPE (hard hats, work boots, long sleeves), lunch and lots of water. We will have extra water on the trail. Holcomb Creek is flowing nicely and is cool and clean so you can cool off in the creek during the day. 
> If you need hard hats we will have a few extras. 
> So if you plan to come help out, please go to the AAT thread and sign up.
> http://www.myjeeprocks.com/forums/showthread.php/20010-3N93-Work-Days-May-21st-amp-May-22nd 
> Thank you all for your support.
> Kurt
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