Saturday, August 31st @ 10am



It's adjacent to the parking lot. There's no cost.  At 10:00 AM assemble in the lobby 

No backpacks, tripods, monopods or selfie sticks. No flash or video photography but you can get very very close to the cars. 

The museum building if open to the public and your welcome to stay until closing at 4:30 PM.  There is no tour for this part of the visit and you can get very close to the cars.

Don't forget to look at and walk thru the steam train out back of the museum

There is no charge for parking, the museum is all free.  However,

There are no food service or picnic facilities available at the Nethercutt. I'll check the area for a place to eat before we go.

For lots of photographs and a detailed description see

We’ll figure out the car pool arrangements after people sign up and we know who is going. We can always pick up people along I-5 on the way.

Take I-5 North to the far end of the San Fernando Valley. Exit on Roxford and go East to San Fernando Road. Turn right and go to Bledsoe Street and turn left. Continue to the museum at 15151 Bledsoe Street. The parking lot is on the North side of the street.

Rendezvous       10:00 AM at the Nethercutt, 15151 Bledsoe St., Silmar, CA



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