Los Coyotes!!!!

December 18th 2010


Looks like the great trail is open for one day only, I know it is the same day as the X-mas party but I can't pass this up



Los Coyotes Indian


Leaders:                  Bo Neece/Roger Mullins
H 619.579.7120  C 619.977.6796  mullinsr@cox.net

Location:                 Los Coyotes Indian Reservation
Difficulty  Rating:   3+ to 4 (East of Helo Pad is 4)
Meeting Place:       Campground
Driver’s Meeting        8:AM
Directions to LCIR:           
Trail Map          Trail Map


Camping:                We will camp Friday 12/17 & Saturday 12/18 Nights. 
                                  Camping Fee $16/night.  Day Use $9 (Pay Jerry V., Cash Only)
Facilities:                Dry camping only.  Porta-potties available in camp. 
Good access for RVs and good for tent camping. 

Los Coyotes used to be one of the “Premier” 4 Wheeling areas in Southern CA.  It closed several years ago to 4 Wheeling.  This will be the first 4WD Event at Los Coyotes in several years.  May of the trails are overgrown with vegetation and heavily eroded. If you can, bring pruning loppers/saws to help clear the trails of vegetation.  If you are worried about paint damage, stay on the main roads.

It is important that all the rules be strictly followed to convince the current Management that Organized 4WD Groups can be trusted to follow the rules.  The campground is open to the Public however the area will not be open to the general public for 4 Wheeling.  Special Permission from the Management will be required.  Details for how to get Permission are being worked out and will be posted when they are set.

For the coming event:

We have not scouted or cleared all of the trails so do not know about some of their condition.

Trail Condition:
The trails to the east of El Hill REQUIRE both Front and Rear Lockers. 
El Hill is ONE WAY (Up Only). 
We have not scouted Bronco Hill but suspect Front and Rear Lockers are required. 
Going up Dangerous Road Front and Rear Lockers are strongly recommended. 
Appian Way toward the Old Mine is blocked in Cougar Canyon. 
Toboggan is not passable except for highly modified vehicles.  (Expect major damage if attempted.)
To get to Bagby’s Rock take the southern route.  You will have to turn around and return the way you went.  Toboggan is not passable.
We have not scouted the Ridge Road (Marshmallow Hill to Fire Mountain).  The condition is unknown.

We expect a large number of vehicles, 30 to 50 so will not be leading a single run.  We will hand out maps and hope that some people familiar with the area will lead small groups on various trails.  

We have scouted some trails and done some pruning but much work still needs to be done on the trails to get them back to the condition they were before the area closed.  We may be asking for volunteers for future weekend work parties to do more Trail Maintenance/Brush Clearing .


Run Checklist

Always Required

  • HAM Radio on 146.550 MHz
  • Full-Sized Spare Tire
  • Seat Belts
  • First Aid Kit
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Battery Tiedown
  • Working Brakes
  • Tow Straps
  • Tow Points

Trail Rating

Trail Rating 4

Difficulty Level: 4

Trail Rating 1 Graded road; Any 4x4 vehicle or higher clearance 2x4 vehicle with no other modifications
Trail Rating 2 Road rarely maintained; 4x4 with no low bumpers. Anti-sway bar disconnects recommended. Minimum 30" tires and some off-road experience is helpful
Trail Rating 3 Difficult terrain and road rarely maintained; 33" tires, Suspension lift, Off-road driving experience, body armor and Rear locker recommended. Stock vehicles will likely take damage
Trail Rating 4 Very difficult terrain, road never maintained; 33" tires, sway-bar disconnects, Rear locker, and Rock sliders required. 35" tires, front locker, Full cage, and 4:1 transfer-case recommended. Chance of mechanical failure and body damage
Trail Rating 5 Extremely difficult terrain with large obstacles and roll over potential; Full cage required, 37" tires strongly recommended. Good chance of mechanical failure and strong chance of body damage


Rendezvous @ Trailhead/Campsite

See above


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Meeting @ Rendevous

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