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Capo Valley 4 Wheelers
Capo Valley Four Wheelers

Pre Summer Fun Run Big Bear

August 9th 2018


Pirate and Madgas are going up Tursday we will be leaving at 9 AM Friday to do John Bull.  We will be doing Holcomb creak on Saturday 

Run Checklist

Always Required

  • HAM Radio on 146.550 MHz
  • Full-Sized Spare Tire
  • Seat Belts
  • First Aid Kit
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Battery Tiedown
  • Working Brakes
  • Tow Straps
  • Tow Points

Run Requirements

  • 35+ Sized Tire
  • 2+ Suspension Lift
  • 4LO Transfer Case
  • Front Axle Locker
  • Rear Axle Locker
  • Roll Cage

Run Recommendations

  • Camping Supplies

Additional Notes

Tow strap and Winch also required. Anyone with out all required equipment will not be allowed on trek.

Trail Rating

Trail Rating 4

Difficulty Level: 4

Trail Rating 1 Graded road; Any 4x4 vehicle or higher clearance 2x4 vehicle with no other modifications
Trail Rating 2 Road rarely maintained; 4x4 with no low bumpers. Anti-sway bar disconnects recommended. Minimum 30" tires and some off-road experience is helpful
Trail Rating 3 Difficult terrain and road rarely maintained; 33" tires, Suspension lift, Off-road driving experience, body armor and Rear locker recommended. Stock vehicles will likely take damage
Trail Rating 4 Very difficult terrain, road never maintained; 33" tires, sway-bar disconnects, Rear locker, and Rock sliders required. 35" tires, front locker, Full cage, and 4:1 transfer-case recommended. Chance of mechanical failure and body damage
Trail Rating 5 Extremely difficult terrain with large obstacles and roll over potential; Full cage required, 37" tires strongly recommended. Good chance of mechanical failure and strong chance of body damage


Rendezvous @ Tanglewood group camp ground

From Marei calenders drive to 91 fwy to I-10 east exit university st north  right on hwy 38 to Mentone

before leaving home go to google put in direction from Mentonebefore to tangle wood group camp ground



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