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Puerto Rican Festival instead of Pizza, right after the Whale Parade @ Doheny Beach

March 2nd 2013



Puerto Rican Festival instead of Pizza, right after the Whale Parade @ Doheny Beach


Yesterday, Mike and both Robertos visited Doheny Beach.

Day Pass runs normally for $15, that weekend (March 2nd. and 3rd) will be 50%off.

The group picnic tables and fire pits are not close to beach or parking lot, we preferred the beach area close to the bridge (pedestrian one), in that way, if you choose not to pay the day pass fee, you can park your rig outside.

Our plan is to bring Mike’s trailer @ 6:00 and leave it close to Palms Trees in order to reserve the tables and fire pits close by. Steve and Lisa mentioned in last meeting that they could do the same with their RV, so anyone else with and RV is welcome to bring it and save a spot.

Mike’s dad will be in charge of grilling some meat, not sure about details yet.  We will use as headcount the Whale Festival Roaster, plus any other friend that we know in advance that will show up.

We’ll bring some rice and beans as well, already cooked, just to warm up.

Appetizers will be potluck, bring wherever you file to share.

Bring your own beverages (sodas) and some to share,

We will need camping gear, chairs, tables and stoves, so please bring your own.

Bring wood, if you like to have a campfire going while we chat and cook.

That weekend is the TDS event, some people will be there; we knew that.


As soon as I have more news, I’ll update it here…


Doug, could you please confirm the parade date? We have it as March 3, Sunday, but looks like will be March 2, Saturday



Festival of Whales Parade Entrant Application  
Parade Date:  Sat. March 2, 2013
Parade Start Time:  10:00 am