CV4W Sodes and Grub meet and greet.

September 14th 2012


Sodes and Grub, meet and greet.

If you where at this months meeting then you will know what this is all about already, for those of you that where not there or those of you who are off road enthusiasts please come and join us and share your stories of wheeling with us. The idea behind this event is to get more public exposure to our club and to get more ideas for future runs.

This meet and greet is open to anyone that would like to come and talk about thier rig and wheeling, it will be a fun time for all who can attend. Rember that this is a casual meeting but if you have your shirts please wear them so that if we have visitors to the event they will know who they can talk to about going on a run or joining the club.

Please sign up for this so we have an idea of the head count.

We will be holding this gathering at the Knollwoods off Greenfield in Laguna Niguel

Knollwoods Restaurant
28061 Greenfield Drive
Laguna Niguel‎ CA‎ 92677



There are currently 11 attendees of this event.